12 September 2015
BIND Example for a Local Network with CentOS 7: Steps to setup a DNS server with BIND on CentOS 7. These steps... http://t.co/Ht6uCPKQep

13 March 2015
How to Setup a CVS Server (pserver) on CentOS 7: Ideally, you'll never have to perform these steps...The follo... http://t.co/5frSIeyOTi

21 February 2015
Git Clone "Hopping" with Bundles and without Checkout: Been in a situation recently where I was attempting to ... http://t.co/2YY1ShXprQ

22 June 2014
Plex, PGS Subtitles and Cropping: In my recent work for my media server, I have been trying use original PGS s... http://t.co/Kdglo52w5Z

22 February 2014
World Wind Java Project and RCP Plugins: In my recent attempts to make NASA World Wind much easier to prepare ... http://t.co/Ba8hExLWaD

18 April 2013
Experienced my first ever rejected 'suggested edit' on #stackoverflow. #heartbroken

27 February 2013
CCML Universal Media Server Plugin - Update 6: Updated the Custom Category Media Library (CCML) plugin; howeve... http://t.co/hjszAJzDqN

14 February 2013
World Wind RCP Plugins: Attempting to make life easier with #NASA #WorldWind and #Eclipse #RCP, I've just create... http://t.co/YAtG7Rtr

28 November 2012
Minor Programming Annoyance - RCP Buddy Registration: Working with RCP today and trying to debug why I couldn't ... http://t.co/z4bzOKKr

27 November 2012
I think I'm addicted to coding...

21 September 2012
Raspberry Pi ~ First Steps: Owner of a new Raspberry Pi! After following some stories on Ars Technica and out of... http://t.co/lHvQenM8

27 May 2012
CCML PS3 Media Server Plugin - Update 4/5: Recently updated the CCML plugin; includes parsing improvements, alte... http://t.co/xefPoaNp

5 April 2012
It seems all tech news now-a-days are just about patents and lawsuits... *sigh*

5 February 2012
RT @google: Unicode is now over 60% of the web http://t.co/bNbMtEhp

15 January 2012
CCML PS3 Media Server Plugin - Update 3: Another update to the CCML plugin, now supporting Java 6 again and othe... http://t.co/LCcQJxTz

11 October 2011
CCML PS3 Media Server Plugin - Update: The CCML plugin has been updated to support master categories and folder ... http://t.co/ESkXmRND

26 July 2011
RT @MySQL: MySQL 5.6 includes Full Text Search for InnoDB. Differences with MyISAM: http://t.co/rgTXITU & how to get started: http://t.c ...

15 June 2011
RT @firefox: Firefox tip: Don't forget to check to see if your plugins need to be updated. Go to Mozilla's Plugin check now: http://mzl. ...

5 June 2011
Your App and Database Persistence - Preparing for Schema Changes: Manage your Schema; ICONs etc.When building an... http://bit.ly/jlwLJl

2 June 2011
Rant: Ug! I want the #DLNA specification so bad! :(